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Project : Record videos of Seva work done in partner NGOs

Background :

Youth for Seva (YFS) works with a number of partner NGOs, who work on ground. The role of YFS is to connect volunteers with partner NGOs. For a good match between partner NGOs and volunteers, it is useful to have documentation of the Seva work done by the partner NGOs.

Goal :

  • Visit partner NGOs.
  • Understand their work and philosophy.
  • Look at existing collaterals
  • Document the work and create collaterals
    • Shoot videos of volunteers, beneficiaries and the work
    • Take photographs of the work
    • Write stories of change

Expectation from Interns :

  • Work in teams of 2 – 3 people
  • Bring your own cameras / stands etc.
  • Some part of editing will be required. It will be helpful if interns can do some editing or learn during this period.

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