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Project : Create a TED like event in next 60 days focussed on volunteering

Background :

TED Talks ( bring variety of views on one platform. The talks by subject experts follow a 20 minute limit. Image

The structure of the TED event itself is designed to promote deep informal interactions amongst the speakers and participants who are curated, and for a long time, were invite only.

Volunteering has gain acceptance over past few years. There are a number of organisations (like Youth for Seva) to facilitate volunteering, and a number of companies who promote volunteering within. The third stake holder would be partner NGOs who work on the ground.

TED is a registered brand name that needs a prior license for using. Our intention is to pick up useful elements from TED / INK talks and create our own version.

Goal :

Organize a 1 day event for various stakeholders in the volunteering domain. The desired outcome would be better understanding of challenges faced and solutions that have gained traction. Also provide 100 odd participants a platform to intermingle.

Ideal Team :

The following team members are likely to add value:

  • Team of 3-5 people to connect with corporates who promote volunteering
  • Team of 3 – 5 people to connect with partner NGOs who do on ground work
  • Team of  3 – 5 people for creating marketing collaterals, branding, web presence, publicity
  • Team of 3 – 5 people for logistics, administration, back end work
  • Team of 2 – 3 to take care of resource mobilisation / raising money (not likely to be much effort – since likely to use some corporate / school auditorium)
  • 8 – 10 people – one for each speaker – who will work with the speakers to ensure that talks stick to the time limit, remain interesting and add significant value to the attendees.
  • Coordinators

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