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Project : Help partner NGOs register on donation platforms

Background :

Youth for Seva works with partner NGOs – whom it connects to volunteers who give their time.

As a principle, YFS volunteers do not raise money for partner NGOs – though they help with other aspects of fund raising – like designing brochures, websites, email newsletters etc. of the partner NGOs.

A useful  tool for raising funds is registering on donation platforms like Give India, Letz Change, Just Giving etc. This helps provide our partner NGOs with publicity for their work, and raise money.


Goal :

  • Make a list of donation platforms that are relevant to Indian NGOs.  This is not a small list, there are the known platforms and there are other platforms like CII that are not conventional donation platforms – but getting registered with them helps the partner NGOs.
  • Help partner NGOs register with a pre-screened list of online donation platforms.


Useful Links :

Expectations from Interns :

  • Unlike many other internship options listed on this site – which need daily travel to the seva centers, a significant part of the work in this internship is something that can be done from home.Off course a certain number of meetings with partner NGOs shall be required.
  • Since the work requires getting the documentation of the partner NGOs in the format required by donation platforms – it is very well suited to students of commerce or those pursuing professional programs like CA, CS, CWA etc. though all are welcome.


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Project : Library Establishment

Background :

We, at YFS, have got a good collection of books received from our collection drives and partner NGOs.

Goal : 

The ultimate goal is to have a library setup at each of our teaching Kendra

Ideal Team of Interns :

  • 2-3 volunteers will be involved in collecting books currently present at our various locations and tagging each of them (as per our set format)
  • 2-3 volunteers will be involved in visiting various kendras and establishing libraries there
  • 2-3 volunteers (with basic knowledge of website development) will be involved in developing website for this complete YFS library project
  • 3-4 volunteers can be involved for locating and organizing more collection drives, as per requirement

Project : Record videos of Seva work done in partner NGOs

Background :

Youth for Seva (YFS) works with a number of partner NGOs, who work on ground. The role of YFS is to connect volunteers with partner NGOs. For a good match between partner NGOs and volunteers, it is useful to have documentation of the Seva work done by the partner NGOs.

Goal :

  • Visit partner NGOs.
  • Understand their work and philosophy.
  • Look at existing collaterals
  • Document the work and create collaterals
    • Shoot videos of volunteers, beneficiaries and the work
    • Take photographs of the work
    • Write stories of change

Expectation from Interns :

  • Work in teams of 2 – 3 people
  • Bring your own cameras / stands etc.
  • Some part of editing will be required. It will be helpful if interns can do some editing or learn during this period.

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