YFS Delhi 2014 Internships

The purpose of this blog is to list various internship projects available, their purpose and the requirements / expectations from interns. This should lead to a better match between interns and projects.


Youth for Seva connects volunteers with volunteering opportunities.

Volunteers give time over weekends or evenings, or from home, in a coordinated manner to bring about real, actual results on the ground (like improved academic performance in the slum children).

This work happens week after week, the entire year. If you want to volunteer on a regular basis, you are most welcome.

Please look at www.youthforsevadelhi.blogspot.com to know about various volunteering opportunities or on www.youthforseva.org to know about our organization – Youth for Seva.

Internships though, are a different matter. They offer an opportunity to work, on a specific project, in an intense 4 – 12 week period, with a team of other interns.

The benefits / outcomes of internship projects for the Seva work are significant, but in a different sort of way.

Last year in summers, a group of passionate interns from IIT Delhi compiled teaching resources for the volunteers who teach. Another group of computer science students from NIT Hamirpur, wrote a programme to batch convert audio books to mp3 format. The project of adding value to “silai kendra” – the sewing centers gained traction during winter 2013 internship.

This site is for internship projects.

A request :

Almost all of us here, at Youth for Seva, are volunteers. We take out time from our jobs / business / studies, managing family / relationships to give time to YFS.

When someone fills an internship form, and then, does not either respond to the calls or drops out after 10 days of speaking to us, it wastes everyone’s time.

Please look at the projects listed. We continue to add more projects catering to a variety of interests. If you have questions, please feel free to drop us a mail at bharat.sharma.yfs@gmail.com

And then, if any project calls out to you, like, really calls out to you, please sign up for that (or may 1 or 2 more for backup).

Thanks for reading.

We look forward to work with another group of amazing, passionate, brilliant interns this summer.


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Various projects being run by Youth for Seva, Delhi Chapter – suitable for internships

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